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It is a horrible situation to be in
Good God. I had no idea it was that bad. I assumed the idea of alimony was to protect the divorced wife from being abandoned or neglected when a husband divorces her, which is obviously fair. But this seems to make no sense.
All right. You’ve made your point. I don’t need to have had sex to write erotica. I am ready to start publishing on Amazon Kindle using a pen name. And Steve, you should take this up professionally. Hang on… wait… you don’t already write under a pseudonym, do you? I think we should know. You definitely have a future writing amputee-porn. Definitely. That comment of yours left me seriously aroused. Excited, he quickly unbuckled the device, while his turgid member started to get harder than the fake leg he was removing. Pure magic.
At least he told her
"I call this position, 'The Vaporizer.' It would work better if there was a hamster cage handy, but we can make do." She patted her ass. "Well? What are you waiting for?" He looked doubtfully at the tube of VIcks. Shrugging, he squeezed a generous dollop into his palm.
They lay together kissing heavily. It felt like the right time, so she smiled at him, and said, "I think I'm finally ready to do that thing you wanted." He smiled, and said, "Really"? And she nodded affirmatively to him. She pushed him back a little and rolled over, putting her ass in the air. "Reach into my nightstand and open the drawer, there's something in there that will make this a little easier." Almost giddy with excitement, he leaned over and opened the drawer and looked in, seeing almost nothing inside except a white tube. "Umm, all I see is a tube of Vicks Vap-o-rub." "Yes," she responded, "that's exactly what I want. Why don't you lube me up with that first." "Are you fucking out of your mind?" He almost shouted. "That will burn like a motherfucker!" "Probably," she replied, "but I also need to get rid of this cough."
When her stepmother calls to see what she wants for Christmas, I will be very disappointed if Luna doesn't say "A dirndl, a dirndl!"
I am wheezing with laughter. Oh, gods. I love you guys so much. Wizard sleeves. Jesus. *puffs on inhaler* *wheezes more*
I've had that done to me before, and it sucks. I feel bad for her. Hopefully the wound heals soon.
He knew he had confession which would give him time to contemplate and get a handle on himself