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From the Blog: Luna Tics

From the Blog: Matt will fix it

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From the Blog: nightie

From the Blog: knifeboy

From the Blog: nightie

From the Blog: Matt will fix it

From the Blog: Matt will fix it

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Thanks. I feel so powerless. Dare I say it, afraid. A president is supposed to make it so that the people can go about their business and pretend it doesn't exist, not be the center of attention and throw the whole world into chaos. I truly think any superpower needs to have at least 2 presidents: one for foreign issues and the other for domestic. Why must the world suffer just because a handful of Christians hate abortion, gays and brown people? Every time Trump burps, it sends shockwaves throughout the whole global economy. It really shouldn't be this way.
And I thought the biggest issue I had today was avocado being off the menu as none were ripe enough at the cafe
I'm sorry, Good KCL People. I promise to tone it down. I realize talking politics isn't the best way to make friends. I'm lonely, sick, housebound and poor, and suck at making friends. Simon warned me about this. I should have listened. I love the US, my home country, at least, the 30+ states I've visited. I love the land and her people. But I hate how the government has gone beyond our control, and at our expense. When I say 'The US' in a negative light, I always, always mean 'Corporate US Oligarchy' or 'The US Military-Industrial Complex' -institutions that are out of the People's control, yet dictate how the country, and how the whole world moves. But I Never mean it to refer to the great Land of the US or The American People. Anyway, I need friends more than I need to express my political vitriol against The State. Forgive me. _| ̄|○
You're right. Nuclear war would destroy the very 'interests' the US would want to seize in any war effort, anyway. If anything will explode, it's going to be an isolated 9/11-style event in the form of a dirty bomb or a biological weapon. The people will panic, and everybody will embrace Trump as their Savior like they did Bush Jr. Which country the US needs the oil from more enough to pick a fight remains to be seen. With military generals who can't be fired placed into power, you know war is on the menu.
So happy for you :)

On I. Am. Done. In the blog soundecho
Congrats girl - way to go! I would be no good at the online thing, I fear...I need to be in a class.

On I. Am. Done. In the blog soundecho
My mom is *one*. Lost some letters, damn phone.
And thus, we have an army of accountants and CPA's (my mom is oe) to sort through all the tax code for us. I remember temping in her firm in my teens. My job was to file thousands of onion skin thin paper into 25 different tax law books. It was intimidating.
Excellent! I actually did NOT know this could be done.
My soul needed this today, even if it was meant for someone else.

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